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3 clear hill chicken of 3 yellow white ear
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Because chicken of 3 yellow white ear has feather yellow, skin sufficient be the concubine of yellow, chicken the feature with white leaf of yellow, ear and get a name, it is the special local product of the mountain area austral 3 clear the foot of a mountain, this countryside farmer raises a quantity to occupy entire county to always raise the 70 % of the quantity. This chicken bodily form is small, systemic feather is compact, the action is quick, forage force is powerful, maturity is early, most precocity caw day age about 120 days; Hen most precocity produces day age classics 125 days. A hen year highest quantity yield an egg amounts to 240, produce an egg to measure 180 or so commonly. The egg is big, yellow big, average every egg weighs 53.6 grams; Chorion is thick show pink, facilitating deposit and carry. This one special local product begins to multiply generally in entire county each district from 70 time end, and by Mt Jade county the division unit such as farming division place is built removed breeding dot and breed to be planted formerly base, designedly extract rejuvnation, do work of good seed selection, popularize in entire county each district.
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