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China god stay of proceedings -- tea tree stay of proceedings
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Tea tree stay of proceedings, originate in root of oily tea tree humic base ministry, because crop is exiguous, very precious, common calls China divine stay of proceedings. Its characteristic is: Thin handle of stay of proceedings is long, delicate in the handle, sweet honest is fragile tender. Quality of classics state provision is supervised in examining civilian determine, seventeen kinds of when place of embedded human body needs amino acid, more than 10 kinds of microelement and the polysaccharide that fight cancer. Have filling kidney Zhuang Yang, beneficial gas and stomach, peaceful god step-down, prevent cancer to fight declining function, to kidney empty, frequent micturition, oedema, medium old age is prevented decline, children low heat, enuresis, hypertension has idealer accessorial curative effect. This stay of proceedings does not fertilize in manufacturing process, do not make seed, without any pollution, it is collect nutrition, health care the organic green food at a suit, its flavour is delicious, local color is distinctive, it is god-given delicate dainty and gift beautiful are tasted.


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