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Orange of new Yu Mi
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New department of sweet orange of more than city was saved by Jiangxi 1977 new brainpower is in bureau of agriculture of more than city Gao Kang individual plant is the seed selection in group of early " of this locality of " Huang Yan, choose through 20 years, much dot experiments, show its transmissibility is very stable. The result is early, 5 years unripe tree individual plant produces 10 kilograms of above; Yield is high, smell is sweet the flesh is tender, turn 16.1BX of content of content of form of broken bits, solid, sugar 12.31% , acerbity 0.73% , vitamin 32.88 milligram / 100 milliliter; Gains is tidy degree tall, odd fruit weighs 71.4-85 gram; In autumn ripe slant early, the last ten-day of a month turned in October color, 11 the first ten days of a month are mature, have fight cold, fight barren, be able to bear or endure drought, adaptability is strong, can resist - 86 Celsius low temperature and be not frozen to death to wait for a characteristic. This achievement passed provincial appraisal formally 1997, belong to provincial adjacent first level.

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