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Candy of rice of abundant city aspic
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Total mill of sugar of rice of abundant city aspic has 3 product line, already developed common model, travel, 3 children breed and product of 6 kinds of series that pack, produce per year 1 million kilograms. “ child candy of rice of aspic of dragon ” card chooses place not to have social effects of pollution high grade polished glutinous rice, after via edible vegetable oil Peng is changed, deserve to wait to refine and be become with Bai Sha candy, maltose, groundnut, sesame seed. It is health food of a kind of green, also be the masses sightseeing travel, greet entertain a guest in person, the ideal gift that the gift visits friend. Product whiteness is like snow, often feed can differ a look to protect colour, appetizing be good at lienal, ever obtained product of actor of ” of “ Jiangxi famous product, country, sell past Beijing, Shanghai to wait big in city and vast rural area.

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