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Pearl fluid wine
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Pearl fluid wine is the burgeoning product of Jiangxi brew industry, by brew of pearl hill brewery. The ” of “ pearl spring of mouth of embellish of because draw water place is clear cool cold, Gan Tian is led to and get a name.
1972 winter, pearl hill brewery begins wine of trial-produce pearl fluid. Since October 1973, be judged to be the complete wine that omit a name for many times. In June 1981, in Suzhou city whole nation quality of yellow rice or millet wine of 25 kinds of renown actor is checked on the meeting, acquire “ quality settleclear red, transparent luster, flavour delicacy is sweet, full-bodied somewhat peculiar smell, share of wine system group is harmonious, product gust is original, still provide music sex ” reputably, of the same age has the honor to win a province high grade certificate of products. Obtained appraise through comparison of complete province yellow rice or millet wine 1986 the first.
Pearl fluid wine chooses local pure polished glutinous rice, with civilian medicinal herbs music is become saccharification ferment agent, seal crock of old wine, tea is after rufous, crystal give off light; Its are sweet long stay not to come loose, alcohol of its flavour pleasant is goluptious; The classy beautiful that is honoured guest of relatives and friends of filling agent of a kind of fitness, gift, fete is tasted.

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