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Cheap of price of accipitral pool glasses actors or actress character
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To Long Hu hill amuse oneself can go market of accipitral pool glasses, that but one of terminal market of 4 glasses of course of study of three-year institution of higher learning, tourist can clean out many good in quality and cheap in price glasses oh.

Market of accipitral pool glasses is located in road of accipitral pool lotus, already had 180 old histories. It is early between clear Jiaqingnian, what rely on accipitral pool urban district closely is medium Tong Xiang, had grind the content job lane that makes the lens, lens that make wear, glasses merchant, portable shoulder is carried, journey north and south. After reforming and opening, tong Xiang reachs the farmer all round its in, below the drive of commodity consciousness, make this traditional industry acquired lease of life. The street of traffic of urban district of glasses specialist ingoing of Tong Xiang of 80 time junior high school, formed market of major of glasses of accipitral pool city, because the enterprise develops, former address is accommodated no less than, 1990 new site of ingoing lotus road. New site covers an area of more than mus 30, floor area 23 thousand square metre, have do business with the room 124, residential house 189, add up to invests 7.8 million yuan, a complete set of still was installed to serve an orgnaization all round the market.

This market is core with specialist of the glasses inside the market, many 5000 pervade the information network of bagman composition extend in all directions of the whole nation, offer in time be saleable commodity. Bagman people set site of 100 many supply and marketing and point of 500 many make repairs and supply replacements outerly still, some still ran a wholesale department, motherland borderland cloud, expensive, Tibet, border, inside unconscious, northeast, superimposition is worn in child the footmark of glasses bagman.

Market of accipitral pool glasses, much with wholesale give priority to, hold battalion concurrently retail, treatment, assemble wait for business. Some still sells the treatment of glasses and machinery and auxiliary equipment, in the meantime,

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