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Tsinghua Wu wine
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Tsinghua Wu wine uses high grade rice and hill spring to be raw material, ferment for saccharification with yeast for making hard liquor agent, traditional solid is operated, brew gives high grade faint scent yeast for making hard liquor to be wine radical; Use henon bamboo next leaf, angelica, arenaceous benevolence, the juice of dip of 12 kinds of rare Chinese traditional medicine such as white sandalwood; Become sugar juice with decoct of rock candy, white sugar; wine, candy, medicine 3 fluid refine by scientific recipe, the course is smoked clear, filter, seal a crock, after storing up for a long time, leave factory.
Colour and lustre of Tsinghua Wu wine is golden and transparent, balmy and full-bodied, taste is pure, the entrance is sweet, fall buccal continous, have the be good at stomach, effect that raises spirit of blood, beneficial, mufti little drink, beneficial healthy.
Tsinghua Wu wine saves a wine at was being judged to be Jiangxi 1963. Bender was judged to go up to be judged to be a province in complete province 1980 high grade wine.
Tsinghua Wu wine unites recipe production by Tsinghua brewery and pearl hill brewery.

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