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Assess of class of star of hotel of Tianjin city travel applies for and examine
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Assess of class of travel hotel star applies for and examine and approve a program
Set basis of the relevant law of this examine and verify, code, regulations:
According to GB/T14308 of level of state of People's Republic of China---2003
" of class of travel hotel star differentiate reach assess "
One, detail of the of all kinds proof that application unit should offer, certificate:

(one) requisition of assess of hotel star class (the astral class class that makes clear an application) .

The content of requisition is as follows:

1, property of unit full name, subordinating relation, company, be located place, total investment and register fund condition, cover an area of area and floor area;

2, facilities facilities circumstance (eat of guest room number, bed number, dining-room circumstance of gross, accessary establishment) ;

3, origanization construction graph;

4, employee specializations groom circumstance;

5, the merchant that add a meal wants place picture each piece (hotel building exterior, antechamber, guest room, dining-room) ;

(2) offer concerned certificate photocopy:

1, business charter (carbon) Xerox

2, fire control checks photocopy of certificate of approval

3, wholesome licence photocopy

2, examine and approve a program:

Application unit will declare office of government of industry of bureau of Tianjin city tourism, get " quality of astral class restaurant checks a level " undertake checking 15 days oneself, industry of bureau of Tianjin city tourism manages inspector of hotel managing a group, according to " the star criticizes a standard " undertake to restaurant astral class examination and assess work. After the examination is eligible, application unit goes to office of government of industry of bureau of Tianjin city tourism to deal with formalities of astral class examine and verify (fill in class of the application report, star that get approves astral step sign of class of article, star and certificate) . To the astral class restaurant of new assess, management department of Tianjin city travel undertakes announcement in news media in opportune opportune moment. Travel management department deals with time of formalities of astral class examine and verify to be 5 weekday.

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