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Of class of star of Chinese travel hotel delimit guideline of standard of establ
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Dining-room area (M2) ground material class this project notchs add authority to notch dining-room weighted average
A dining-room 8=2.4 of   of 300 high-grade 8 300/1000
B dining-room 200 intermediate 4=0.8 of 4 200/1000  
C dining-room 2=1.0 of   of 500 general 2 500/1000
2.4 0.8 1.0=4.2
40, what is potable water system?
So-called potable water system is to point to the meal in restaurant and guest room to wait, the straight water faucet that adopts a standard or water treatment device give off what purify through deepness to be able to supply direct and drinkable healthy water supply. Potable water system uses all of water system of central conduit straight water or terminal cent to nod water supply commonly, its management presses Ministry of Public Health about " sanitation of water quality of life drinking water is normative " the inspect that defend a law is sent [2001] is carried out the 161st number. Place inside guest room water machine or offer bottled bucket to install water, call its have potable water system. According to national sanitation standard, bucket / air of the contact after bottled water classics unseals exceeds 24 hours, water quality produces a bacterium easily to cause wholesome qualification to be not stabilized.
All of water system of central conduit straight water by system of the water treatment central, store water system all, carry reach net of system of circulatory system, online sterilization, canal to clean system, central control system to comprise: System of central water treatment uses reverse osmosis, offer commonly filter or exceed filter to undertake to fountainhead deepness is handled. Its technology index basically has program of the quantity that make water, standard giving water, automation to wait form. Use water of reverse osmosis legal system, the water of earning is pure water, be in namely in purify water in the process of foreign matter in the meantime water medium mineral along with all the others purify. Be in the fountainhead land with relatively harsh water quality to use commonly. Its equipment loss is bigger, water natural resources but utilization rate is low (need to discharge the liquid waste of 50% commonly) ; It is OK to use water of accept filter legal system the ion of the diatomic above in purify water, basically be Ca2 , Mg2 , but ion of the Ca2 with the right amount reservation in water, Mg2 is beneficial to human body, unless be area of tall hardness fountainhead, popularly area also was not necessary to use; It is OK to use water of legal system exceeding filter the much in purify water is harmful material, the method that can use adsorption of postposition activated carbon medium minim pesticide, organic to water pollution, heavy metal is solved, hardness of fountainhead water quality all can be used in the area under 450mg/L.
Store water system all: Use bucket of sealed stainless steel pail or PE, PP commonly, its should be free into gas mouth gas filters device, main effect is a balance the height that use water and the system that make water stops machine or the signal origin that switch on the mobile phone.
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