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National tourism bureau is announced " standard of investigate of astral class r
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According to the country tourism bureau concerns the information of the respect, in " of class of travel hotel star differentiate reach assess " after carrying out nearly 20 years, this bureau is promulgated formally a few days ago carried out " standard of investigate of astral class restaurant " . According to this standard, the software service of restaurant of each star class will be met henceforth by “ mystery guest ” is nonsked supervise.

“ is hanging astral class sign to become the public house that is less than astral class service from beginning to end however to those, will do the processing that reduce or cancels astral course. ”

Regard astral class restaurant as the main way of check, examination, this standard is the innovation of levels of pair of grade of travel hotel star and complement, will make the whole system that class of travel hotel star evaluates jointly with astral grade level, make this system is perfected further.

Basis " standard of investigate of astral class restaurant " , investigate is to show by professional evaluation personnel enters restaurant with common guest identity, undertake checking in the light of the circumstance that the restaurant of assess star class is fulfilled and already carried out a star to criticize a standard, or below the condition that noticing restaurant management time of square specific examination, with “ the form of mysterious guest ” undertakes to restaurant quality dark a series of examination activities that visit. The standard reachs special staff facilities, restaurant by antechamber, guest room, meal, other service, safe facilities overall impression, employee asks 7 big are formed, covered restaurant basically each service product, stress the quality control of the core product such as antechamber, guest room, meal mainly among them. The standard still made clear the basic course that restaurant serves each and standard.

According to introducing, 80 time end of our country begin to carry out " of class of travel hotel star differentiate reach assess " standard, this standard is advanced to level of hardware of restaurant of our country travel and international the level conforms produced active guiding and normative effect, but the requirement that astral grade level basically highlights pair of travel restaurant hardware, to serving the software such as quality the requirement is deficient in and operation sex is not strong. The information that comes from national travel to superintend a branch makes clear, in in recent years tourist is complained in, complain to what restaurant of certain star class serves not to amount to mark have certain proportion. Its reason was to appear in recent years on one hand certain restaurant gets do a crash job before the star is judged, the star judges the phenomenon that serves quality to glide afterwards; On one hand the quality management system with the normative lack of astral class restaurant that most home proper motion manages, service quality and level of management relatively advanced level all has international quite big difference. The personage inside course of study points out, " standard of investigate of astral class restaurant " of this one occupation standard come on stage, manage ” of software of “ of system, aggrandizement to manage quality of Wu of kimono of level of management of whole of ability, promotion to have far-reaching sense to coaching astral class restaurant establishs a standard not only, at the same time hopeful changes the assault star that exists in recent years to judge greatly, one star decides coast of quality of the service after the star is judged and “ the phenomenon of lifelong ” and idea.
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