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Astral class check drives mass promotion
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A year of in the past, the evolution of countrywide hotel industry presents an a lot of new trends, also reveal an a few problems that solve urgently. For this, hold a trend correctly, reason understands a problem, appear very important.

Astral class check and follow-up manage

The lasting effect mechanism that is ” of travel of construction “ sincere letter, combine the “ that hotel industry begins this year ” of activity of Wu of sincere be convinced, countrywide each district all increased astral class check to examine strength, show a leader to take seriously highly, plan organization holds standard, weak good environment in order, strictly union, serious treat complain, the characteristic with decisive and determined processing. Pass check, farther aggrandizement the sequel management to astral class restaurant, promoted astral class restaurant specialization level of management and service quality.

In check, 17 city visitting an area such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shanxi, Guangxi, Heibei, Ningxia, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Sichuan's more serious to 154 problems restaurant made the decision that cancels astral course, among them 4 stars class 1, samSung class 35, 2 stars class 86, one star class 32. Made the processing that reduces astral class or notice of criticism, deadline to rectify and reform to 115 restaurant. These act were broken thoroughly old the astral class since is lifelong make, safeguarded the authority of level of state of astral class restaurant and earnest sex, of the integral standard that assured team of astral class restaurant and ” of “ star class contain Troy.

Shanghai star commissioner made the decision that cancels astral course to according with 23 restaurant of the standard. In the meantime, reflect the service quality of astral class restaurant for objective, true, comprehensive ground, shanghai star commissioner still invited a batch to have the expert that pursues restaurant management job rich experience, for a long time and professional to be opposite with the identity of ” of “ mysterious guest first astral class restaurant undertakes dark visit, got favorable result.

Sichuan saves astral commissioner height to value safe production job, treat a tourist to complain seriously. Last year on October 29, big public house of dynasty of Chengdu the Milky Way produces case of criminal of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals one case, guest of a Singapore is in guest room by gangster shoot dead. What transmit according to countrywide star commissioner is abroad complain, sichuan saves astral commissioner to join year review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, had serious investigation to relevant circumstance, discover system of safe production of galactic dynasty big public house fails very good fulfil, put in safe hidden trouble really, made the processing that cancels astral course to its, report to complete province, ask learn a lesson of restaurant of class of each travel star, alarm bell is long cry, cogent make very safe work, prevent similar incident happen again.
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