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18. The antechamber in “ standard ” has central artwork, form good culture atmosphere or visual effect how should one hold?
Have central artwork about antechamber, be in domestic public house is at present medium, it seems that less and less. Major public house is decorating data side pursuit is high-grade, luxurious, and big artistic atmosphere that considers how to build a distinctive elegance rarely, this invests the design thought of square artistic grade and stylist to concern with the hotel greatly, it is more difficult to come distinctive artistic mood is told commonly hold and build, and pure the difference that reflects class comes true more easily, accordingly, a lot of investment just are mixed the choice that general apt reachs material simply through lamps and lanterns comes to stylist the difference that reflects class. The culture atmosphere with good “ and visual effect ” appear important increasingly. So, how to hold about this:
Above all, should establish the unified culture theme of a hotel, want to make clear a hotel to prepare to build a what kind of culture atmosphere namely, provide what kind of culture environment for hotel guest. As a hotel, theme of this kind of culture is common answer base oneself upon the district culture at place and local characteristic, or extract material culture of land of referenced and exotic different, amorous feelings, scene, history from which, should can place the historical culture language at that time and local customs condense symbol of a kind of vision, appropriate the earth's surface comes out now, elaborate setting of a kind of culture well and truly, and function of overly building of influence of hyperbole as a result or the inconvenience that bring management to go up. Artwork of this kind of center is not blind load one's writing with fancy phrases, however of culture feature and style model, make the person feels a kind of specific culture is enjoyed, reach layout harmony with old hall function.
Next, about central work of art, answer in antechamber and environmental gimmick photograph of whole is unified, both neither can be too outstanding and isolate to “ ” , unapt also peace and tranquility is weak and without appeal, ” of “ center artwork is in old hall should be as harmonious as old hall whole. The each local detail in the antechamber old hall of the hotel should can to it photograph echo, it is a climax in an unified environment and key only just, the person that such ability let visit experiences the culture theme that makes clear to a kind in each fine point.
The 3rd, regard the center of antechamber as artwork, should facilitate safeguard and manage, because this is atmosphere of safeguard whole art long unabated is crucial, as the artwork of antechamber, if Yu Wei is protected and do not manage, no matter how good subject. How to no matter rectify body visual sense to go up,also unite with concordant, late early meeting is washed out. Hotel the design of any parts is put the function in the first, if the aesthetic orientaton of artwork replaced the functional orientaton that builds a space, so this space does not become a public house, and turn “ museum into ” .
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