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Deep begin establish green restaurant activity energy-saving environmental prote
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Xinhua net Shenzhen on May 11 report (Hao Liping) Yesterday, bureau of Shenzhen city tourism is begun formally inside whole town limits establish green restaurant activity. As we have learned, green restaurant examines an index to bring into criterion for evaluation of astral class hotel recently, henceforth, the hotel judges a star, energy-saving, environmental protection will become main target.

According to " Shenzhen business signs up for " report, this bureau of tourism of mobile basis country was promulgated on March 23 carry out " green travel restaurant " travel occupation standard, this standard is right " of class of travel hotel star delimit dispenses assess " the complement of level of this one state and refine, it is the only standard of restaurant of green of travel industry assess.

Green restaurant selection limits includes Shenzhen city range inside official start business the restaurant of a year of above. The time of the first batch of application up to on May 30, 2006, every puts forward the travel restaurant of application before May 30, city founds green restaurant to lead group general to be united centrally at the beginning of June directly report a province to found green restaurant to head a group.

Current, the guesthouse hotel that Shenzhen owns all sorts of class 300, among them astral class hotel 93. To 2007, shenzhen city 4, number of hotel of 5 stars class will increase one times, among them hotel of 5 stars class amounts to 27, hotel of 4 stars class amounts to 40. (be over)

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