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Wu source
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Wu source is Jiangxi saves the ancient county with a long history, anhui ever was belonged to on the history administer. It is ancient badge city one government office one of 6 counties. It is the Southern Song Dynasty the home town of the father Zhan Tianyou of the native place of Zhu Xi of home of famous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties and Chinese railroad. “ lifetime is crazy be in absolutely, arrive without the dream badge city ” . ” of “ badge city is the word that is alluded by increasing person, someone says here is the home of Chinese traditional culture, the Wu source that is located in outlying mountain area saved all gas charm of ancient badge city fortunately.

 Here folkway is honest, at the height of power and splendour of style of writing, famous places and historical sites spreads all over entire county. The Ming Qinggu that keeps perfect is built, have the atmosphere of rural and idyllic type and view. Full height is a not dry gouache, resemble the impressionist school that is Mo Nai again, scattering to be able to murder the beauty of film everywhere.
Source of   Wu green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery, song Zhu is continuous, upturned eaves becomes warped Gu Min house of horn is winding at green hill green water, or according to hill, concealed shows Yu Gushu between Qinglinzhi; Or draw near water, mirror on brook Chi Qingquan; With layer upon layer terraced field, wind around set each other off of cloud and mist becomes an interest, if the poem is picturesque. Scenery of the four seasons shows a thousand years each, especially age two season, the Gong Feng leaf of the azalea of all over the mountains and plains and full hill is just as tuft bunch flame to contend for strange bottle colourful. Place oneself at such scenery in, let you feel relaxed and happy is mixed stay to forget to return repeatedly.

Here with clever show of mountains and rivers-land, land is fecund, products is rich, virtuous handsome wide numerous and celebrated. Wu source not only the scenery is beautiful, richer and deep culture connotation, all through the ages enjoys book native place praise. Ground of here an outstanding personality is clever, celebrity comes forth in large numbers, “ a 9 a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, the six ministries in feudal China ” of 4 a high official in ancient China,

Prefectural churchyard freely is densely covered, green jade and bring out the best in each other of post road of bridge of tea-booth of clear river brook mountain stream and strange Shi Jifeng, Gushu, corridor, be in harmony is grand and open-minded as elegant as dainty at an organic whole. The big Zhang mountain that famous tourist attraction has northwest department and clever grotto group, the mountain of short for Zhejiang Province and stone ear mountain, mid blessing hill and the big You Shan western, tourist attraction is since Tang Song. Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian, Zong Ze, Yue Fei, Zhu Xi left many laudatory poem language here.
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