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The Jinggang Mountains
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Picture of the Jinggang Mountains

The Jinggang Mountains, be located in Jiangxi to visit southwest department, be located in Hunan another name for Jiangxi Province the middle of collect clouds mountain range of two provinces have a common boundary, dong Lianjiang Xi Taihe, then plain two counties, county of phlogistic hill of Na Lin Hunan, county of Hunan tea hill leans on the west, north receives Jiangxi always new county, it is the portal with Jiangxi southwest province. Before liberating, the Jinggang Mountains does not have organizational system of independent prefectural class administration. After liberating, below the kind consideration of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Jinggang Mountains was established in Ci Ping 1950 special division, established management board of the Jinggang Mountains that save administer 1959, removed 1981 bureau set a county, approval of classics the State Council removed a county to establish town 1984, classics the State Council approved will former the Jinggang Mountains in May 2000 city and county of former peaceful ridge are amalgamative establish city of new the Jinggang Mountains. Whole town shows administer field of 21 villages and towns and street agency, total population one hundred and forty-nine thousand seven hundred more than person, gross area is 1308.58 square kilometer. Situation of hill of the Jinggang Mountains is grand, churchyard is average altitude 381.5 meters, inside city altitude of col of Jiangxi of highest peak —— 1841 meters, it is a typical a mountainous area city. The Jinggang Mountains, have brilliant history, beautiful natural scene, humanitarian landscape makes revolution photograph reflect, one integrated mass, it is travel of view of a market, traditional education the ideal travel summer resort at a suit. Develop construction through a few years, each career got the society develop in the round, national economy expands with each passing day. No matter was yesterday, today, still will be tomorrow, people of the Jinggang Mountains lofty sentiments is full of the ground to go ahead, the distinctive glamour that lets common people see place of this laterite ground is had clearly.

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