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Teng Wangge
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Teng Wangge

Teng Wangge

. . . . Teng Wangge because the younger brother of Tang Taizong Li Shimin- - Li Yuanying only then build and get a name, because “ of line of Wang Bo of Tang poetry person falls first,glow and Gu duck to fly together, autumn water grows day of monochromatic ” in all and shed fragrant later ages. Teng Wangge reposes at the confluent place of river of another name for Jiangxi Province and course of the cause that stroke a river, cover an area of 4.3 hectare, teng Wangge on the history promote useless alternate to amount to 29 take second place much, present Teng Wangge advocate cabinet completion on October 8, 1989, in all 9, clear height 57.5 meters, north and south deserves to have corridor connective two complementary booth, floor area 13000 much square metre. Be close to the riverside austral adjacent, face the west hill, eye shot is open, be apart from location of Tang Dynasty cabinet only more than 100 meters, main body builds timber structure of copy of the type that it is the Song Dynasty, green red column, vulture bridge upturned eaves, imposing manner is very grand.   

Rebuild this, introduce model of face of the Song Dynasty, outstanding back city is faced river, remarkable peculiar imposing manner, main body of Teng king cabinet builds 9, bright three-layer is dark 7, increase on two base, clear height 57.5 meters, advocate two side match cabinet north and south to press river ”“ to scoop up with “ 2 booth of emerald green ” , with advocate cabinet is conterminous, main body builds red column green, draw an upturned eaves, dougong cascade, door window get rid of is appeared, its establish a face to be like to lean on the word of “ hill ” that the day towers aloft, and the big roc that plane is like a volant common to fly.

Tourist attraction overview

Open time: 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 entrance ticket: 50 yuan, nanchang person by area of Nanchang Id half price: Cover an area of 4.3 hectare general picture: Be located in an edge Jiang Beilu and of the crossing that fold hill south, here also is river of another name for Jiangxi Province and the confluent place that stroke a river. Since ancient times it with Huang He building, Yue Yang cabinet of Lou Hepeng Lai calls 4 names building.

Scenery brief introduction

Interior of Teng king cabinet colors gorgeous, display is decorous and grave; Article of engrave of place of a horizontal inscribed board of couplet hung on the columns of a hall many problem of department a person of academic or artistic distinction is chanted, the full of beautiful things in eyes such as cupreous carve, stone carving, traditional Chinese painting, coloured drawing or pattern. Base front is hemp stone a flight of stairs, face in river. Base above has 7, layer upon layer position is different, extraordinary splendour confused is shown. The cupreous qualitative jade of display of first floor lobby Teng Wangge model; Inside ” of hall of an outstanding personality of 2 buildings “ large mural " an outstanding personality pursues " , draw has polychrome of celebrity of Jiangxi past dynasties; Inside ” of clever hall of ground of 4 buildings “ large mural " ground spirit pursues " draw has Jiangxi 8 big mountains and rivers-land scenic spot; 3 buildings, 5 buildings but overlook of look as far as one can, day of general view river.
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