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Waterside in relief building
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Waterside in relief building

Waterside in relief building

Waterside in relief building is located in Jiangxi to save edge of northeast the Yangtse River of 9 rivers city, only then build time to not have one's deceased father. Tang Dynasty poet resides content of easy, Wei Ying to ever ascended this building to inscribe a poem in vain. Rebuilt 1986 waterside in relief building covers an area of a face to accumulate 2000 square metre, advocate floor accumulates 300 square metre, 21 meters tall; Acting appearance of illume of ginseng of style of building system structure and hall print this " Shui Hu is passed " illustration and Song Dai " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " design. Waterside in relief building because " Shui Hu is passed " medium justice army head gets Song Jiang to ever was inscribed here turn over a poem and fame big a confusion of voices, all through the ages visits the point that 9 rivers reach surely for guest of bookman Chinese ink. Its couplet says: Make river state greatly, stake of stake of person character this matter has, 100 generation circulate, hero of the world of no more than lends a problem express lofty ideal; Fine Guan Shuihu, I become aware its article sentence sentence true, a thousand years bright shine, because of,the letter is worldly talent Shi Zhuanji book. After this couplet attachs most importance to Xiu Xunyang building today person place is made, couplet sentence vivid laugh spill, be like,understand word, change traditional couplet to use law overmuch, the defect of statement involved and abstruse. The stake of stake of this matter of “ person character in couplet has this matter of ” , suggestion impossible stake stake is belonged to solid, the ego that latter also is an author only is experienced just, two-phase contrasts, very afford for thought.

Tourist attraction overview

Entrance ticket: 6 yuan of positions: Be located in Jiangxi to visit area of border of northeast the Yangtse River of 9 rivers city: General picture of 2000 square metre: Waterside in relief building is located in 9 rivers urban district of the 9 the Yangtse River outside China door bank. Waterside the Yu Tang that the name of in relief building sees the earliest is acting content of Wei Ying of river state feudal provincial or prefectural governor " ascend county to send the children austral Beijing division Zhu Ji and the Huaihe River " the “ in one poem only then stop always this world is defended, answer lie waterside the line of ” of in relief building. Subsequently, sima Baiju is in river city easily " the problem watersides in relief building " in the poem depict the scenery all round it, and make waterside truly the world of a confusion of voices of name of in relief building is capable Yushinai huts " Shui Hu is passed " medium wonderful depict.
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