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Dragon palace hole
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Dragon palace hole

Dragon palace hole

The black dragon the foot of a mountain that dragon palace hole is located in southwest of Peng lustre county, it is hole of karst of qualitative lime of a mud, a large number of stalactite in the hole, configuration is peculiar, glittering and translucent and flowery, just be like " on the west travel notes " in the Long Gong of the East China Sea of depict, hole of palace of friend name dragon.   

Nowadays, there is grand and grand natural dragon door before the hole, antechamber of the cent inside the hole, corridor, east palace, on the west hall of palace, strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, palace, the bell such as mural of chute of pool of needle of each distributinging Hai Shouxing, You Long, seabird, chelonian, calm Nereus, dragon, palace lantern breeds artwork. Include jade pothole inside, full-length more than meters 2700, among them green jade of more than meters of 350 all the year round flows ceaseless, can visit by the boat, the air inside the hole is fresh, light is bright, constant temperature of the four seasons 18 ℃ , wintry warm summer is cool.   

Return hill of Zhen Yan having celestial being, screw, hole to carry the tourist attraction such as flying waterfall on the head with what dragon palace hole borders. Dragon palace hole is a natural subterranean artistic palace, already was labelled formally the scenery that the country opens to the outside world scenic spot area.

Tourist attraction overview

Entrance ticket: 36 yuan of positions: The area of black dragon the foot of a mountain that is located in southwest of Peng lustre county: Scene area area makes an appointment with 4.3 square kilometer

Scenery brief introduction

Beauty spot of dragon palace hole by cave group (hole of Long Gong hole, jade pothole, Yu Xian) , 3 much constitute cloister of celestial being Zhen Yan and silvan park. Dragon palace hole has 1600 meters endlong, among them the hall that the name is ” of hall of “ the Crystal Palace, the space achieved 16800 stere. The uncanny workmanship of nature, model this distinctive karst cave the subterranean artistic palace with etiquette peculiar and baronial, grand model. Inside the hole little bridge running water, bell breast hangs by the feet, shi Sun props up a day, pavilion of palace front courtyard, build situation is peculiar, 1000 appearance 100 condition, too many things to see letting a person. Be exactly like classic novel " on the west travel notes " in Long Gong of depicted the East China Sea. Acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. With dragon Gong Dongxiang is compared, jade pothole has picture another time. Tourist roams by the boat so far, be just as place oneself at terrestrial elfland. Capacious and bright jade crock hall ever had held national blue ball game, wushu contest for many times, initiated cave to have the precedent of sports contest, already by Shanghai headquarters labels Jinisi Jinisi records the world. The ivory stalactite that be condensed by calcium carbonate in hole of jade celestial being and becomes, if one string strings together the icicle that is hanged in hole top to put a flower on the ice, glittering and translucent and bright, bright bright is unripe brightness, form the northland scene plan in an a world of ice and snow. Snow-white like the Long Gongxue of jade hill will make you blessing of big full eyes, big open horizon. The Zhen Yan of celestial being of chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes that hole of jade celestial being carries on the head, only then build at the Christian era 227 years, the cliff outside cliff, gushu is very tall, bamboo movie dancing. Natural gravelstone hill is like bamboo shoot same, form every piece Shi Sun forest. Ancient temple of altar of the celestial being inside cliff, cry classics bosomy Song, burning incense slender and delicate is circled. Respectable tourist, you have in case the opportunity arrives ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes of celestial being true cliff, do not forget those who try celestial being of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes is enraged is effective.
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