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Dragon tiger hill
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Dragon tiger hill

Dragon tiger hill

Original name of dragon tiger hill Yun Jinshan, it is national emphasis scenery scenic spot area, be located in Jiangxi to save southwest of accipitral pool environs 20 kilometers place. Allegedly division of the Zhang Tian when middle period of the Eastern Han Dynasty is in this make pills of immortality, “ red is become and dragon tiger shows, because hill gets a ” , dragon tiger hill also becomes Chinese Taoism birthplace consequently.   

Area of scene of dragon tiger hill has 108 99 peaks, 24 cliff, scenery, landscape area amounts to left and right sides of 200 square kilometer, the cliff tomb with the mountain of of long standing and well established Taoism culture, red of green jade water that has distinguishing feature alone and grand dimensions group formed Long Hu the “ of landscape of nature of area of hill scenery travel and humanitarian landscape 3 absolutely ” . Dragon tiger hill is formed by gules grit cliff, the ” of landforms of “ red glow that formed Chibi red cliff, the red glow hill of the fierce exterminate hill of Fujian and Guangdong also belongs to appearance of this cultivate land. Bright and clean and elegant Lu brook river passes from hill midstream, like a jade belt by south northerly on the travel tourist attraction such as Shui Yan of hill of clear palace, Long Hu, celestial being is strung go up in a gleam of, from 20 lis of landscape sceneries that go up to quiet ancient town arranges Lu brook river by bamboo balsa and fall as if be like elfland, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person.   

Dragon tiger hill is a renown hill still depends on she is Chinese Taoism be in seminary. Middle period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, zhang Daoling of division of generation day is Yun Jinshan the foot of a mountain in original name cause radical refine is empyreal divine red, grind achieve Taoism. “ red sees ” into Long Hu, taoism of ” of hill of tiger of dragon of “ of Shan Mingsui instead enters Chinese history arena from this. To Tang Chao, taoism is state religion, song Yuanming period, division of past dynasties day is sealed by imperial order “ tastes ” , all of dragon tiger hill gets Changjiang Delta Taoism, 100 gods of the transmission center that becomes Chinese Taoism, “ the place ” of investiture. Taoism is the most flourishing period, dragon tiger hill is built have 836 view of method of 10 path palace, 1 department, path courtyards, go up with “ among them scale of clear palace ” is the largest, hall of demon of the bend over inside palace and town bewitching well are the “ below Shi Naian a gifted pen 100 sheet of hill of water berth bridge the 8 birthplace ” . Dragon tiger hill regards Taoism as bethel now, suffer praise highly fully in global Taoism bound, come in an endless stream of this pilgrim, sight-seer.   
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