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Dragon pool chute
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Dragon pool chute

Dragon pool chute

Long Tan is located in Ci Ping in 7 kilometers place, have 5 pools of 18 waterfall say. Long Tan with chute amount big, configuration is beautiful and much, fall is celebrated.   

Name of the first pool jasper pool, fall drop amounts to 67 meters, ear of water sonic boom, water mist is like smoke, it reposes in big gorge only then upright, if 3 Wei Ya are cut, overgrow green liver mosses. One side relief is larghetto, the shortcut that browse is in this at the same time, tremendous water mist from here rise high into the air and case, this takes the woods and chopsticks bamboo to be below action of big mist, flurry to fall on this back at the same time volt. Name of the 2nd pool locks up Long Tan, chute sets off one another in azalea forest, underwater acoustic and depressing, the flood dragon dragon that seem is locked up is urgent desire unkennel. Name of the 3rd pool pearl pool, fall drop many meters 30, underwater acoustic and ringing, pool face azure blue, chute is in break in the air countless ablaze drip, hit pool area continuously, just be like pearl to fall jade dish, friend name pearl pool. Name of the 4th pool drum pool, chute mouth has megalithic check, river water is cut several to seize cataract to fall into deep pool, sound is like drum, the giant salamander in the pool moves back and forth back and forth, show when the concealed when crab. The 5th pool calls fairy pool, it is the configuration in 5 pools is the most beautiful, fall into water in chute the mouth has to coil stone of dark green of shape of hair worn in a bun or coil, current cent fars away into two circuitous, synthesize again below Cang Shi one rushs continuously and fall, far see fall of the 5th pool, the fairy that is like to wear big gown skirt is having dance lightly, line outline is extremely trenchant. Drop of fairy pool fall more than 40 meters, pool range is wide, do not see an end greatly, of the pool on the right side of be high up in the air extends one rectangular flag, became natural diving stage, tourist often should wander one time in this pool.

Tourist attraction overview

Entrance ticket: Fare of 30 yuan of cableway: Whole journey 50 yuan; On sheet 40 yuan; Sheet leaves 25 yuan of positions: Be located in Ci Ping in 7 kilometers place


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