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The communication element of hotel brand and market 1
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On competitive market, the customer comes with buying a decision two kinds mostly product of choose and buy, service. One kind is rational buy a decision, another kind is perceptual buy a decision. The passenger comes to a city, to satisfy basic accommodation requirement, the some hotel that is in this city booked a room (bed) . Book a room (bed) it is reason is bought. However, the passenger can book a room in your hotel, the room is booked possibly also in the hotel of other. If the passenger chose your hotel, because you can provide a room,be not only, the service that because your acceptance can be offerred,differs with other public house however (it is more important to appear at this o'clock) , so he just chooses your hotel. This is based on buying a decision affirmatorily is perceptual buy: When acceptance is communicated to the market with all sorts of message forms, you perhaps can neglect your commitment, relevant client may value these message, fulfill a promise to express great expectations to you. Reason is bought is the materiality that is based on a hotel, actual hardware, differ with other public house probably not quite, and sensibility is bought emphasize particularly on the acceptance of your extraordinary. The Puluomusi before no less than hotel company (Promus Hotel Corporation) Tom Storey place narrates:

You (hotel) the definition of the brand wants than real product advantage and feature wide much. The place that how the overall " explicit " that you must consider a brand and it gets used to consumer is good, the client lets think on which your brand extraordinary. People decides to choose some kind of brand to be based on a variety of reasons, and what cause client is to won't tell you, they are the results that turn in the reason on deep-seated affection to the decision that their makes actually.

"Extraordinary " is not a new idea, each hotel devotes oneself to this for a long time, its advantage is proved by practice of again and again. Jack Trout points out in us the competitive times of " of this " life-and-death, you have two kinds of choices only, or extraordinary, or die out. Go 20 years coming in opposite after the strategy of " extraordinary " that hotel industry place uses undertakes anatomize, I notice such 3 kinds: The first kind is the competitive strategy that is core with the hotel. In this strategy guidance falls, a few hotels are in short-term inside adopt in-house cost to compress, if product classification is changed,adopt long-term strategy a few more additionally. The 2nd kind is the competitive strategy that is core with the client. In this strategy guidance falls, a few hotels are in short-term inside have price war, if the market splits up,adopt long-term strategy a few more additionally. These strategy have effect, return sometimes very big, but cannot prevent a competitor effectively to be imitated each other. Very rare hotel had not followed of the product of other public house and market development practice. The result is consumer the expectation cost of the product to whole hotel industry and service is higher and higher. Still have strategy of " of extraordinary of the 3rd kind of " however, it can give a hotel a long-term, competition advantage that can last. When competitor cannot imitate your innovation and acceptance easily, this is your advantage place. Be in accordingly or you have distinct advantage in share of a few markets, always can maintain this dominant position. This can compete continuously strategy of " extraordinary " is hotel brand strategy, my general discusses the communication essential factor of brand and market here, reach its and build hotel brand famous spend and figure portrays the relation that waits for a respect.
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