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How to promote guesthouse this commodity
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Guesthouse is the child of a kind of tangible product and aeriform service, have the general character of commodity, the major attribute that regards commodity as it is in freewill foundation photogenic each other undertakes prices is exchanged, guesthouse sells even if want to get profit and other benefit, the guest is bought even if use value to get.

Alleged and tangible product is the hardware part such as the establishment of guesthouse itself and guesthouse, equipment. Just as its name implies, guesthouse enters the place that sleep namely, the setting of all establishment, equipment is live in order to enter the guest's safety, comfortable for premise, be being used of guest room equipment normally is a guest enter satisfaction the first for precondition, according to solid say, our guesthouse is existing building space is little, the room uses time problem of out of date of distribution of ageing of facilities of long, facilities, design, below such external condition, of equipment in good condition and use normally weigh particularly should, accordingly, must want to accomplish maintenance seasonable, logistics safeguard is capable, care and maintenance of system of security of large facility, fire control reachs the designated position. In the meantime, guest room bed is clean and neat, also be the quota of a hardware that wins a guest to be entered.

Aeriform service is the service that shows guesthouse is offerred to the guest, the service that provides satisfaction to the guest is the lifeline that guesthouse begins the work, “ esteem guest, guest is consummate the criterion that ” is hotel service, provide good service for the guest, achieve the guest's satisfaction, guesthouse ability has reputation, have the market, significant increase.

Current, guesthouse foreground nots allow hopeful, the addition of circumjacent guesthouse brings huge impact to us apparently, competition is ceaseless and intense change, turn white-hot. Want to be below the restriction that accepts condition of guest room hardware, it is even in intense market competition remain invincible, develop ceaselessly, be about to improve the thought morality quality from personnel of course of study above all, establish intense responsibility heart, enterprise, education enthusiasm, genuine, civilized, courteous service consciousness. Have deep love for own job, study professional work hard, perfect service skill, develop subjective activity actively, true-blue serve for the guest, promote the image of guesthouse ceaselessly, raise guesthouse socially famous degree, credit is spent.

Personnel fluidity is the problem with long-standing guesthouse greatly, accordingly, the reserve of resource of enough labor power is the exclusive safeguard that solves personnel flow, the affects guesthouse badly alternately service quality of new old personnel, drop to make serve quality not to come. The first, must of the skill of Wu of industry of the member that strengthen of unremitting groom, supervise and urge staff learns employee criterion seriously, master guesthouse to serve requirement standard in the round. The 2nd, want strict him requirement from personnel of course of study, whenever the each regulations system that wants to must abide by guesthouse on working station only, it is a standard with employee code of conduct, anything but paralytic carelessness. The 3rd, build good management atmosphere, enthusiastic, smile, civilized, courteous, give a guest the sense of a kind of guests feel at home. The 4th, insist to manage, perfect supervisory orgnaization.
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