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Decode phenomenon of sell like hot cakes of hotel of business affairs of calm bl
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  Well-known, estate invests several adjusting control that pass a government, investment real estate is more low-key already. And here the environment falls, the hotel of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings that is located in area of Pudong gold bridge is high-key jump out, achieved the sale outstanding achievement of arrogant person!
How about of predestined relationship of hotel of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings this sell like hot cakes? Observe an analysis according to the author, this project invests a doorsill low, accrual tall, risk is little it is the main reason that is sell like hot cakes!
Hotel of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings is hotel of the economy that investment of limited company of management of investment of happy by Shanghai friend hotel manages business affairs, limited company of management of investment of Shanghai friend happy hotel has old and abroad hotel to manage setting to have experience of rich operation of domestic public house again already, register capital to be as high as 20 million.
In Jin Qiao of ” of hotel of business affairs of amorous feelings of “ calm blessing flagship store is rolled out hind, shanghai friend happy plan within garden of science and technology of short for the Jinghe River of river of immanent 2007 Zhang Jiang, water transport proper place rolls out 2 chain new store, plan to be in 3 years inside, in countrywide development much home interlinks business affairs hotel, form dimensions economy. Brand-new, brand of hotel of business affairs of international standardization chain is sure strong rise abruptly! Golden bridge inn predicts at the practice at the beginning of 2007, show a public house already order is ceaseless.
This hotel is located in road of new gold bridge 1088, be in center of golden bridge development, community of international of green jade cloud east side. The foreign nationality personage that community of international of green jade cloud is Shanghai Pudong is exalted area of inhabit a region, international come-and-go is frequent, the hotel inside the area is entered rate be in all the year round 80% above. Additional, pudong meets as world rich advocate assembly room, hotel industry development is swift and violent. According to Shanghai brigade appoint divulge, shanghai world rich is met the passenger flow that will receive 70 million person-time, so, hotel of Shanghai economy business affairs plans to will increase many 800, to 2010 gross will achieve 1000, vacuum of hotel estate market is very giant.
High-key heat sells public house of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings, serve as a hotel besides its, outside having huge market to develop a space, because it serves as a real estate,still taste newly appear was in before investor. Above all, what owner buys is the property right property of hotel of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings. Next, owner people can rent property right room company of management of hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals consolidates management, sign 10 years " the contract that rent " , the rest of work even if hire of every months of collection and sit enjoy the pleasure when ” of mother-in-law of “ v/arc rent land or a house for subletting. Preliminary calculation, invest a hotel with this kind of means, owner people the of 8% rent profit after be expected every year to win duty. Make such accrual judgement, not be author absurd guesses oneself, from at present the market development foreground of economy hotel and world rich are met in light of market demand, the foreground that invests hotel of economy business affairs is very hopeful. And, regard real estate as a kind of of investment new form, hotel investment has the estate rise in value, characteristic that keeps a cost likewise.
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