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Management of contemporary hotel sale and innovation groom result experience
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Day of Xx month Xx, I attended " management of contemporary hotel sale and innovation " groom. Although groomed time is very short, but I feel was to suffer very big inspiration really, benefit a lot.
One, study content overview:
The main content that learns this is 3 respects: Hotel sale mode and the satisfaction of politic, sale idea innovation, follow guest are spent.
1, 4 phase of hotel sale mode are to pass hotel major to the person passes personage and all hotel to run actually slowly and get promotion:
The first phase is the application of 4P: Namely the combination of the product, combination of the price, combination of the place, combination of sales promotion, this combination characteristic is: ① is had can accuse gender, ② dynamic sex, ③ to have integral sex.
The 2nd phase is the application of 4C: Namely: Consumer, cost, convenience, communicate; All branches are the enterprise when serving at customer interest collective job, its are integral sale as a result, its meaning emphasizes the associated sex between all sorts of element namely, ask they become unified organism, 4C is the sale combination that aggrandizement asks to be a center with consumer.
The 3rd phase is the application of 4S: Namely: Satisfactory, service and smile, speed, sincerity, the sale strategy of 4S emphasizes asking to set out from consumer, the sale that builds “ consumer to have ” is oriented, fixed the evaluation of satisfactory to hotel product, service, brand and omnibus consumer index and improve.
The 4th phase is the organic union application of 4PCS: The market sale that is a center with the hotel namely manages a concept, it is central idea, social sale idea with consumer. The sale management concept of 4PCS its core is to want to handling good business, client and society correctly 3 person the interest between concerns, achieve company goal finally.
So the hotel should satisfy a customer, achieve sale goal, cannot isolating is consideration some element and method only, must need characteristic of environment of sale of sue for peace to set out from target market, according to hotel characteristic, resource and advantage use all sorts of market sale methods integratedly, form the market sale strategy of unified form a complete set, made play whole benefit, strive for optimal effect.
2, sale idea innovates: Its cent is nine respect content: The classification of 4R sale law, brand, do do greatly do high
The process that essence of life is an option market, right manage with management again sale of understanding, market and sale, right the reflection of thematic hotel and thematic product, build client platform and network sale, meeting to exhibit economy you are cognitive how many, hotel marketing operation a certain number of element. Hotel sale came here to go up again a step, emphasize the element of client —— person, pay attention to the to the client consideration in sale process, the maintenance that the client concerns, manufacturing process and consumptive process must be this ” to be a principle with the person with “ , according to characteristic of both sides of buyer seller's market and demand, adjust ceaselessly, the product with new lay off of creation, plan, achieve ultimate goal.
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