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13 hotels of Nanjing are carried out " wine water couplet is sold " mode
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction yesterday, 13 hotels of Nanjing rolled out new pattern of a kind of spending: Hit by wine water lose ticket, money of water of 100 yuan of wine should pay 30 yuan only.

Yesterday, an enterprise is in Jiangsu Xuzhou Nanjing rolls out a kind " wine water couplet is sold " mode, consumer by hit certificate of the water that fold wine to be able to enjoy wine water to hit the 3 privilege that lose, client repast will need not carry wine water oneself, the hotel also has Qian Ke to earn. It is reported, all always can obtain in the client that appoints the place such as bazaar, cafe, beauty parlour to consume give this wine ticket, arrive by certificate when appointing a hotel to consume, choose what manufacturer deposits to appoint brand wine water, water of every 100 yuan of wine needs to pay 30 yuan only. Current, the brand such as Na Chun of 5 grain fluid, Maotai, sword already was joined, nanjing collaboration hotel amounts to 13. Because reduced intermediate segment, the client buys wine to return petty gain than be being bought from the supermarket in the hotel, although the hotel did not make money on wine water, but the cheap wine water that manufacturer supplies continuously added passenger source, can offset the loss of embellish of wine irrigation works.

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