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Analytic: Source control of contemporary hotel guest and sale train of thought
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Of short duration evaluates business management of enterprise of a hotel without brief introduction admirable, cannot pure from the point of economic angle. Important is the tangible that surveys a hotel and intangible assets, tangible includes the hardware construction of the hotel and product of of all kinds service, intangible assets includes company brand value and client psychology calm situation. The traditional method of average public house is put management and sale way in attract more new passenger source to go up, stimulate through all sorts of methods revulsive the product that they go to buying a public house, and after finishing this to trade. The relation of hotel and client also ends. The monetary colour that what this kind of practice highlights is both sides and oversight bilateral emotional colour. Source control of contemporary hotel guest asks the enterprise goes to move of centre of gravity how to attract more passenger source to duplicate the service product that use or buys a public house. Pay attention to consolidate hotel and more client are built trade for a long time relation, the main goal that develops as the hotel and passenger source government develop way.

Contemporary hotel is in actual management process, existing a very sharp issue, that is the passenger source of this hotel, after the client buys a hotel to serve a product, if satisfied, the service product that its buy a public house again likely and the faithful customer that becomes a company and openly peddler, this is the public praise of the hotel. If its feel dissatisfactory, so the service product that its buy a public house impossibly again. And can become the negative peddler of the hotel, he can continue to search buy an object. That is to say, the passenger source management of the hotel is built go up in base of quite large satisfactory client group, must want to have quite big satisfactory client group, just have stable passenger source market. Cannot get the hotel that the client agrees with, final meeting loses passenger source group, so passenger source management also is mentioned with respect to have no way.

The fact proves high satisfaction of the client is led, of different level build the product of of all kinds and corporeal excellent service in the hotel; Build the high additional cost in product of of all kinds and aeriform service. The high additional cost of so-called service product, in offerring the course that serves a product namely of interest of of all kinds customer increase. With the managing degree of cost of of all kinds customer. It is interest of of all kinds customer above all, its include to serve product itself additional cost, to the hotel, to consolidate the relation with the client, answer hard to offer more for the client, better profit, will increase the value of hotel product with additional cost, the enterprise should provide the satisfaction of 101, this additional satisfaction of 1% , it is the additional cost of the product, its value serves a product higher additional cost is higher. In process of battalion of already of look forward to, enterprise should the client a few exceed constant need to should do the chance that increases value, is not disturbed to what work formally, in routine, seek the opportunity that offers additional value hard.
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