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100 million yuan change 4 guesthouse to raise economy of Ma Dao travel to show
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction a few days ago, fly as the general kite that transforms anew big public house throws operation, make nearly two years raise Ma Dao to go up new transform freshness guesthouse to achieve 4, add up to increase bed 1000 pieces, promoted those who raise Ma Dao to travel to recieve ability already, also from go up at all the travel environment that improved the island that raise a horse, raise what Ma Dao travels to drive effect to be being shown stage by stage.

In recent years, as cross square of horse of Hai Daqiao, day one, 2 period, big purpose such as park of wine place of business, recreational sports carries out Yisidu in succession and operation, raise development change with each passing day of Ma Dao, island tourism warms up quickly, those who raise Ma Dao to become broad global visitor " bestow favor on newly " . Meanwhile, the tourist's mushroom, the travel of provisions horse island recieved a system to also bring greater pressure. Vast investment business valued this business chance in succession, go vacationing the area is in charge of appoint aim at this prices, search hotel of a few close down actively to be recommended to investment business. By capital of investment business infuse, undertake 2 times transforming to the hotel, end at present, already accumulative total recommends fund 76 million yuan, transform a hotel 4. Among them, limited company of northward An Deli invests 20 million yuan, go vacationing to former north the village undertook transforming extend, group of Shandong high speed invested 40 million yuan of big to Yuan Tongxing public houses to undertake transforming extend, investment of group of Yantai sunlighting continuous heavy rain goes vacationing 10 million yuan to Yuan Hualian the village undertook transforming extend, jinan general group invests 6 million yuan to high to watching the sea formerly the hotel undertook transforming extend. The course transforms extend, each hotel not only features of inside and outside takes on an entirely new look, and still increased the personalized establishment such as swimming-pool of seawater of tennis court, open air, zoo, increased to raise equestrian island travel to recieve ability.

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