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Cancel " 51 " benefit length a holiday is more than fraud off way is quicker
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On November 9, the country announced legal holiday to adjust draft about the branch, and in each big website seeks netizen opinion publicly. To this, group of Dunhuang city tourism thinks about the expert, cancel " 51 " meeting length a holiday goes out to the citizen reach Dunhuang travel to produce certain effect, but general opinion is to cancel " 51 " benefit length a holiday is more than fraud. Dunhuang:   


From long-term see benefit be more than fraud

Gong Ying of director of Dunhuang city tourism bureau thinks, travel of golden week holiday is perfected through development of 8 years, people goes out travel already became more sensible, more mature, won't follow suit again blindly. The travel fastigium that actually a lot of people are willing to choose on the high side of jam of escape stream of people, traffic jam, spending more goes out travel. Opposite land increases the midday of Pure Brightness, end, day that waits for traditional holiday mid-autumn to count, can fit the requirement of different travel lover more instead. With respect to Dunhuang travel is told, cancel " 51 " long holiday, in short-term inside affirmative meeting gives Dunhuang travel to bring adverse effect, "51 " the tourist during won't have in former years so much, corresponding travel income also can decrease. But from long-term in light of, increase the off day number of other red-letter day, certainly will increases the travel number of other period of time, will tell from travel gross, possible travel number and travel income do not fall to be added instead. So, cancel " 51 " long holiday, will tell to Dunhuang tourism, should benefit is more than fraud.

Qi Yaru of deputy director general of bureau of Dunhuang city tourism thinks: Cancel " 51 " lasting false main effect arrives long term swim, but won't cause too big effect to Dunhuang travel on the whole. She says, nonlocal tourist travels to Dunhuang the time that sightseeing needs a few days, if time of go on a journey is too short, the odds that provincial tourist considers to come to Dunhuang travel can decrease. But Dunhuang's current passenger source also holds very large proportion in town of provincial and circumjacent county, although cancel " 51 " the golden week, travel time is short, but the tourist that Dunhuang periphery visits town can rise more. The midday of corresponding ground Pure Brightness, end, word that these a few holiday add up mid-autumn, reckon the number that comes to Dunhuang still can compare in former years to increase somewhat.

Off way is quicker

To Miss Wu of outgoing travel, cancel " 51 " long holiday, fit her travel need more, she says: Once was in " 51 " during outside go out Mount Hua travels, the person endures a person inside result hill, the person pushs a person, the feeling is very tired, very helpless, it is originally happy itinerary, became painful memory however. After be being adjusted this, oneself can have more choices to plan vacation neatly, especially a few provincial swim, periphery swims, every year can more opportunities go out to be loosened, to me, this kind of off way is very quick, very good.
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