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8 small hotel of Shanghai join a brand to interlink hotel cavalcade
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On September 31, shanghai cherish is limited company of ability hotel management, silver-colored 8 units such as smooth big public house part the star with bright and beautiful river, Mo Tai 168 wait for autograph of hotel of 5 economy chain to make an appointment with, make these brands join in inn. City travels appoint concerned personage expresses, world rich was met 2010 previously, strive for Shanghai the procession that 1/3 society hotel joins a brand to interlink.
The basis is forecasted, during world rich was met 2010, Shanghai will welcome visitor of 70 million China and foreign countries, and occupy Shanghai accommodation course of study to recieve the hotel of more than nearly 3000 society that measures 67% above, great majority is small hotel, concerned branch encourages a society the brand is interlinked between hotel, join in, collective and occupational market, strive for standard management, promote whole image. Sea city travels appoint still will be in Shanghai whole town begins normative service to amount to mark activity in hotel of more than 3000 society. 31 days, the first batch 26 pilot hotel already were passed assessment and check and accept, get online by Shanghai travel net book a room. Shanghai will strive for the news that this year the bottom has 300 hotel at least to enter Shanghai travel net, through undertaking recommend and be sellinged on the net. To next year, this one word will increase 1000.

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