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Jiangxi cottage hill is like restaurant of musical instrument lake
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Jiangxi cottage hill is like restaurant of musical instrument lake

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: 1980 practice Decorated big Lin Lu of Jiangxi cottage hill 2005 701 (332000)

Cottage hill is like restaurant of musical instrument lake is SamSung class restaurant (the certificate number CERTIFICATE NO that national tourism bureau issues: 3630083) , be located in cottage hill to be like musical instrument lakefront, what Zun Ke look down at is like musical instrument lake is panoramic, right the smoke cloud that can admire view bull mountain to go up. Stay here, although be bull mountain urban district, what do not have a city however is blatant; Although be mountain forest, do not have the exhaustion of trudge however. Center of bull mountain trade, be in nearly very close; The poet resides easy beautiful line to flow in vain fragrant beautiful diameter, the flower is sweet can hear.
If restaurant of musical instrument lake has bed more than pieces 300, comfortable, halcyon, safe, clean, convenient, be what attend a meeting or travel is optimal staying place. If restaurant of musical instrument lake recieves outdated,Ren Jiang saves secretary of governor Wu Guanzheng, provincial Party committee on the west 10 thousand carry on fragrance. In recent years, the hill that be the same as cottage is other astral class restaurant together, recieved successfully again 2004, 2005 and trade of classics of stage of another name for Jiangxi Province cooperated 2006 seminar.
If the antechamber of restaurant of musical instrument lake is hind, set gardens public house, it condensed to be like the elite of musical instrument lake: Running water grows on wall of chute of …… of a pavilion or house on a terrace of water of Gu Shu, lake, booth, little bridge, rockery, goldfish, running water babbles be like tweedle. Night, you the friend with you, the “ that sheds full moon light in this is like bank of ” of musical instrument lake, sampling sweet beautiful wine, viewing and admire a pool to swim mediumly fish, enjoying wonderful music, pouring out endless affection to think of, you will unforgettable all one's life …… of night of this perfect conjugal bliss
You still can go to recreational recreation center playing mahjong of playing cards, rub, dozen table tennis, play a table tennis, dance ……
If you are in a room, open a window, you will be OK if musical instrument lake is thither,see: The flower discharges the car of growing dragon above the incomputable tourist before diameter door, highway. On the lake is like musical instrument of overflow of green jade heave, flap is worn 3 two houseboat, the young men and women on houseboat, paddle amuse oneself. Blue sky white cloud, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, you take out watch for a chance none can hesitantly, gather up to go up in windowsill, take the panoramic picture of a piece of lake that be like musical instrument, beautiful diameter.
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