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Restaurant of accipitral pool overseas Chinese
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Restaurant of accipitral pool overseas Chinese

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: 1955 practice, road of river of station of city of pool of Jiangxi province eagle 21 ()

Restaurant of accipitral pool overseas Chinese is Jiangxi province dimensions the travel restaurant with the biggest, the longest history. Restaurant only then achieve 1955, the reception at that time the object reachs the public figure outside the condition for homecoming overseas Chinese. Completion of hotel new building received in glory restaurant of travel of national SamSung stage in June 1993. Come more than 10 years, soft, hardware had hotel very big rise, preparation declares a state restaurant of travel of 4 stars stage. Restaurant sets ministry of motive force of antechamber sale ministry, room Wu ministry, meal ministry, recreation department, office, travel agent, project, security personnel ministry, money to offer the section such as ministry, office and manpower resource ministry, have the employee team of the high quality of a nearly 300 people, can offer Wu of accommodation, meal, recreation, peace and happiness, business affairs, ticket, meeting Wu for guest, shop, ” of one continuous line of tourism representative “ serves. Overseas Chinese restaurant acts on “ smile to serve the purpose of ” each days, friend of guest of true-blue welcome all circles patronizes guidance, achieve in all brilliant!

Room with the price 24 hours book a hot line (the price is 0 express to change too fast, specific invite report to hang down ask, accept Sichuan and Tibetan district only at present book) : 028-66000603, 66000602, 66000601

Room Breakfast Retail sales price Discount price   The B between the standard (contain cell) without ¥ of ¥ 288.00 188.00 The A between the standard (contain cell) contain early ¥ of ¥ 388.00 250.00 Mark of a person of extraordinary powers (contain cell) contain early ¥ of ¥ 468.00 300.00 Common flatlet is contained early ¥ of ¥ 688.00 450.00
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