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Hotel of Nanchang Milan holiday
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Hotel of Nanchang Milan holiday

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: 2006 practice, road of Nanchang day bless 5 (330002)

Hotel of Nanchang Milan holiday is located in Tian Youlu 5 (Tian Youlu and) of Luoyang road boundary, be apart from Nanchang railway station, station the Yao of one pace. The building is 10 tall, have of all kinds and capacious comfortable guest room. The hotel has famous old tree coffee, the kitchen feeding evil spirit of extremely rich characteristic provides various and fancy cooked food for you, of different region amorous feelings cling to li island hot spring.
The hotel provides room not just, it is a kind of lifestyle more. Be located in busy streets however peaceful send far, reflected individual character and fashionable perfect tie, it is the habitat of a warmth in your loneliness journey. No matter your body is in He De, why to follow we, sit enjoy carefree feeling.
The hotel presses international level of 4 stars grade is made, have international class to recieve the business affairs hotel of level. The hotel invites world-famous stylist to undertake whole designs a program, show originality, elegant and delicate, make culture and artistic be in harmony are an organic whole.

Room with the price 24 hours book a hot line (the price is 0 express to change too fast, specific invite report to hang down ask, accept Sichuan and Tibetan district only at present book) : 028-66000603, 66000602, 66000601

Room Breakfast Retail sales price Discount price   Do not have between fashionable mark ¥ of ¥ 368.00 188.00 Luxurious cell is not had ¥ of ¥ 418.00 198.00 Do not have between costly bid ¥ of ¥ 418.00 208.00 Luxurious flatlet is not had ¥ of ¥ 688.00 378.00
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