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Big public house of the source in Nanchang garden
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Big public house of the source in Nanchang garden

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: Ave of torch of new and high developing zone of city of Jiangxi province Nanchang 539 ()

Big public house of the source in Nanchang garden is located in Jiangxi to save Nanchang new and high developing zone, by Jiangxi province hi-tech industry grows finite liability company to invest build, invite hotel of international of Hong Kong elegant 栢 to run government of advisory limited company. Hotel total floor area 35, 000 square metre, hotel building is accumulated with the ground 13, 561.51 square metre, advocate building 26, ground library, add a floor 3, the parking lot exceeds 250 berth car. The edifice with luxurious and elegant hotel stands tall and upright in ave of torch of new and high developing zone, the design is fashionable, synthesis shows amorous feelings of thing square culture, give a person a kind of air transcendental honour Shang Zhi feels. Hotel position communication is easy, come-and-go arranges nimble, cheng of car of airport of distance prosperous north is 45 minutes about, be apart from a railway station to be 20 minutes about. Hotel interior establishment is all ready, accommodation, meal, recreation, wash the have everything that one expects to find such as bath, fitness. Hotel head period the guest room that has 189 comfortable warmth, provide newest and advanced modern electron facility entirely, include TV of broadband Internet, satellite, country / international long distance call, beforehand electronic induction deals with an announcement to return a house downstage service, confuse your bar. All deserve to liquid crystal computer and electrograph … … are waited a moment inside business affairs guest room, flatlet, it is you come the first selection that Nanchang business affairs is visited or the journey goes vacationing. Average area is the room 35-70 square metre, luxurious and comfortable room makes you full see scene of urban Yi couple and bright afterglow. Its run big public house of the source in Nanchang garden the tenet is “ client consummate ” , the target is “ creates ” of high-class service, top-ranking credit, top-ranking figure, top-ranking benefit. The travel of Nanchang, entering big public house of international of the source in garden is your good choice, taste a subtle place all without exception to show the way of settle or live in a strange place of abundant abundant fund; Perfect facilities facilities, the service of meticulously, bring the enjoyment of complete sincerity warmth for you; Perfect efficient equipment and extremely rich individuation, close affection to change the service that changes with characteristic, bring the lukewarm thaw with your average home to be enjoyed extremely.
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