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Guesthouse of Jiangxi China money
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Guesthouse of Jiangxi China money

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: 1997 practice The road in decorating area of Nanchang west lake to stroke a river 2005 419 (330009)

Guesthouse of Jiangxi China money is located in river of Nanchang city another name for Jiangxi Province to stroke river beauty spot, stroke river highway middle, be apart from a railway station 2 kilometers, long-distance station 1 kilometer, prosperous north airport 25 kilometers. Situation is advantaged, hotel guest room is set in the 21-25 layer of China money edifice centrally, guest room divides river scene room and city situation room. Window of sound insulation of double deck vacuum lets you experience comfortable and cozy feeling to the top of one's bent after tired out journey, those who be far from city is blatant. Guesthouse is had of all kinds in high-grade guest room, free broadband interface can be offerred to serve inside guest room, satisfy the need of the brigade of guest business affairs. Set parking lot, dining-room, assembly room additionally.
Dining-room is set in - 1 building, can hold 100 more than person at the same time repast. Assembly room is set in 24 buildings, medium-sized assembly room can hold person of 40-60 person, 15-20 of small-sized assembly room.

Room with the price 24 hours book a hot line (the price is 0 express to change too fast, specific invite report to hang down ask, accept Sichuan and Tibetan district only at present book) : 028-66000603, 66000602, 66000601

Room Breakfast Retail sales price Discount price   Do not have between ritzy city situation ¥ of ¥ 368.00 178.00 Do not have between luxurious Jiang Jing ¥ of ¥ 368.00 188.00 Luxurious apartment is not had ¥ of ¥ 628.00 298.00

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