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Collect meal a group of things with common features: Can leave hotel every day
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Stare at the every act of deadbeat closely, a few meal should be remained only on the desk, grab bale meal quickly before the clerk or on the spot " solve " -- they are called " collect meal a group of things with common features " .

Recently, the reporter is in the meal consumption place such as Shenyang is square of much home cate, big archives discovered picking up or collect those who eat others leftover such a flock of people.

Kiss all previous: Eating noodle bowl to be reaved

On March 16, citizen Ms. Cui tells case last Monday experience: She has a meal inside the cate square of a bazaar at that time, nodded a bowl of noodle, "With respect to difference a few impediment were over, a lord of many years old 60 child come up to reave my bowl, I was frightened at that time jump, cry to him, I had not eaten! His this ability let go. His this ability let go..

The reporter is opposite subsequently in in the deadbeat of the have dinner inside the cate square of some bazaar had the market little scope investigation, in getting 20 people that seek, 11 people are in time of different have dinner paragraph had seen " collect meal a group of things with common features " form, "Look at them to eat leftover ort with pleasure, in the person stomach on the side a bit uncomfortable. " a young lady that surnames wool says. On one page12 below one page
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