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Golden hill restaurant: Have the ethical brand store of area force extremely
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The company basically manages entity to be restaurant of Nanjing gold hill, its advocate main component is battalion income hotel business income and merchandise trade income (basically be its subsidiary revive the wholesale business Wu of company of food of candy tobacco wine) two parts. Because profit margin of merchandise trade business is low, accordingly, hotel business is advocate the backbone force of battalion profit.

The rapid development of Nanjing economy will bring capacious business affairs passenger flow to develop a space to Nanjing hotel industry. No matter from the brand famous degree, still look on management index, golden hill restaurant is in whole town position of bibcock of the house in restaurant of class of 8 5 stars.

Company competition advantage: Golden hill restaurant and extend project project are located in Nanjing downtown new market opening, have advantaged geographical advantage; What passenger source stability assured restaurant is tall enter rate; On one page12 3 4 issues one page
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