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Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Changsha on the air conditioning went so far as the acc
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This morning, near the Arc de Triomphe is located in the Changsha Railway Station Hotel, the cleaner in the cleaning, we found the air conditioning unit on the sixth floor at the sandwich has a body of a man, immediately call the police calls, police station rushed to the sun is Field investigation. Morning, the reporter went to the scene. Hanging in the air conditioner on a man, wearing blue jeans and white sneakers, two pieces of cement board face is caught in the middle. Triumph Hotel, according to a cleaner introduced They were cleaning the ongoing health, to a look outside the window, they discovered that the air conditioning unit at the sixth floor mezzanine of a strange object hanging on, hurry down to the sixth floor cleaner look, a man whose body was found. Hotel staff told the record By: "I do not know who is not our floors, from the clothing point of view, for a time unable to identify his identity." The reporters found that triumph of four to ten floor hotel rooms are, the tenth floor of office buildings, things hair Not able to find after the insiders. The hotel is a male staff member said, "This building is often infested with thieves, is also not clear whether he is a regular customer or a 'thief', but does not look like suicide." After receiving the alarm, Furong District Public Security Bureau Chaoyang police station conducted a survey on the scene and quickly investigated. Police said that if the public knew the identity of this man can call 110 to provide clues.
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