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Country Garden in Wuhan the citys first five-star standard hotel within the comm
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October 30, Wuhan Country Garden (Owners Forum) Phoenix hotel grand opening ceremony held at the Wuhan municipal government, Hannan appointed district government, provincial Tourism Administration, Country Garden Holdings and other guests attended the leaders at all levels opening ceremony. As Wuhan's first five-star standard hotel within the community, but also the first five-star standard hotel in Hanyang District, will bring the local owners and guests honored the "Golden Key" service concept. Country Garden Country Garden Group, Wuhan hotel is full for another carry, is the most comprehensive package of Wuhan Southwest of the standard five-star hotel. 6 cascading Li, Hong momentum, won more than 330 high standard deluxe single rooms, deluxe double rooms, deluxe suites, presidential suites, high standard rooms, including in Western cuisine, leisure and fitness and entertainment facilities, sports and recreation facilities and other facilities, and 12 high-profile multi-functional conference hall. Phoenix banquet hall which can accommodate thousands of participants, is the largest of Wuhan City Chamber of Commerce, the owner or the customer can organize exhibitions, business meetings. It is reported that within the five-star standard hotel in Wuhan Country Garden is completed, will become the first five-star standard hotel, Hanyang, Wuhan is also the first five-star standard hotel within the community, which brings high-value and appreciation potential is self-evident The. Group hotel chain brands as another masterpiece, the hotel opening marks further improve community facilities for owners and guests distinguished five-star hotel services. At the same time, the hotel open and operating, will improve the local investment environment, and effectively enhance the regional urban quality, to make contributions to the regional urban development. Country Garden Group has many years of five-star hotel design, construction and management experience, as of October 2010, Country Garden has four Guapai five-star hotel, 13 five-star standard hotel opened or attempted to industry; In addition, more active and world-class hotel management company engaged in comprehensive cooperation, to enhance the level of hotel management services; Country Garden Phoenix Hotel has become the most powerful nation the local five-star hotel brands. Supporting maturing cities mellow life upgrade Country Garden Holdings as a key project in the central region, since the market since 2008, Wuhan Country Garden has been committed to community products, environment, infrastructure, cultural and other quality improvement. After two years of careful operation building, the supporting maturing within the project matured. Cost millions to build the 3,000 m riparian corridor landscape, the introduction of hundreds of strains of rare camphor, ginkgo, cedar, cherry and other trees, evergreen trees and deciduous trees and shrubs, plants Kojo level echoes, as owners of the door most beautiful landscape . Supermarkets are now stationed in the community, other parts of the convenience business is investment. Following the first community in Wuhan grand opening of five-star standard hotel, the Country Garden brand chain soon entered the school, will create the high standards of primary schools and kindergartens. Country Garden with the city of Wuhan, the supporting construction is becoming more perfect, the owners of a blueprint for a better life has become increasingly prominent.
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