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New World Group China to spend 1.1 billion U.S. dollars into the hotel industry
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"The next five years, the Group will invest 1.1 billion development of the New World Hotel Group properties. We spared no expense, and enhance the competitiveness in the Mainland market," a recent New World Hotel Group executive vice president Zheng Zhiwen accepted Sohu focus network interview revealed that the new World Group will invest heavily in Asia, 1.1 billion U.S. dollars to build more than 20 hotel projects, of which about 80% of the funds will be invested in the mainland of China, aimed against the 5 years to 40 new hotels. About the future of the New World Hotel, Zheng Zhiwen boasted to playing a leading hotel brand in Asia. Now for this dream, she is already to action. New World Hotel Group as Executive Vice President, she is responsible for managing the New World Group's hotel business, and set up a professional hotel management company, focused on the development of New World Hotel Group's brand in Asia and worldwide business. New World expansion of the territory aimed against the second and third tier cities in the hotel Sohu Focus Network】 【: New World Hotel Group, the recent expansion plans and development goals? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: Group is now actively expanding the business, the number of New World Hotel will be doubled by 2015. We will invest heavily in Asia, 1.1 billion U.S. dollars to build more than 20 hotel projects, of which about 80% of the funds will be invested in mainland China. The goal of the next five years is more than 40 new hotels. Sohu Focus Network】 【: New World Group is the construction of the hotel business, how, which owns the brand? The enter the mainland, the main attention to those cities? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: Group currently has three different hotel brands, which are New World Hotel, Belt, and a new upcoming high-level hotel brand. 2015 Belt will increase the number of the hotel around 30, but the major expansion plans in the New World Hotel will also be promoting the brand. 40 plan, there will be 50% of the main brand for the New World Hotel. The expansion of the objective will be to focus on the Mainland market, and targets the second and third tier cities. Currently in Beijing, Shenyang, Guiyang, and hotel project in Qingyuan, Guangdong has operations in the next 1-3 years to complete and present. 】 【Sohu Focus Network: big brothers are currently involved in numerous real estate developers move to the mainland hotel, and the layout to get started, what does the New World Hotel Group will look to open the mainland market? 5-year plan to shop 40, New World Group is sure to complete? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: move to other companies, I do not want too much assessment, but to enter the mainland market, New World Group is very confident. The first of Hong Kong to Mainland enterprises to enter the New World Group is currently in the Mainland already has a strong market base, with the framework of existing group of New World Group, I would like the development of the New World Hotel Group will be very smooth. As for the hotel expansion goals are met, I am also very confident. The Group currently has eight hotels under management, plus more than 10 already in operation at present, more than from the target only 20 or so, so no problem completing the project. 】 【Sohu focus network: expansion will take what way? The construction of the hotel to operate their own, or to provide service-oriented hotel management? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: on the one hand, we will take self development hotel management in the form of their own; another will take to find a suitable hotel, hotel management the way out. Both of us are equally important. Group to invest resources in its own construction of a hotel, but also to seek for other property developers to provide hotel management services. Our hotel management company in general the biggest difference is that we can from the perspective of owners and developers, to provide professional advice, enabling the hotel management. Of partners, this is a rare competitive advantage. Group revenue of over half of the mainland market 】 【Sohu Focus Network: What do you think the current hotel development and management of the mainland market? 】 【Zheng Zhiwen: New World Group is very optimistic about the current hotel market, the Mainland, although after the Olympics, the hotel development market by voice heard approaching saturation, but we think that these are temporary, and in particular Beijing's hotel market prospects. The surface of the mainland China market seems to have saturated, but in fact the market is still huge potential reserves and space. The rising middle class and young population, the per capita gross national product is expected to double again in the next five years; personal and business travel is expected to be Qicheng growth. Domestic tourists by 19 million passengers per year, entry-off 52 million people; the next decade on infrastructure development investment of 2.7 trillion U.S. dollars, for the future through the state open the door too provincial. From the data, is very strong evidence. We estimate that more than half of the Group's revenue will come from the Chinese mainland market. Sohu Focus Network】 【: New World Hotel Group brand how much money? 【Zheng Zhiwen: Throughout the next five years, the Group will invest $ 1,100,000,000 New World Hotel Group property development. We spared no expense in order to increase our market competitiveness. 】 【Sohu focus network: the Mainland market and the second and third tier cities, what do you think? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: Group currently has several projects in development, most in mainland China. The parent company, New World Group has been operating for some time in the Mainland, the establishment of a sizable network, has a profound understanding of the market, which we are quite favorable development in the Mainland. We look to the future revenue, more than half will come from the Chinese market, this we do not underestimate the potential of the Chinese market, will take the long-term anti-investment opportunities. In particular, believe that China's second and third tier cities will become the future economic development of the main power source. 】 【Sohu focus network: The current group and the average occupancy rate of hotel room revenue how? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: Our average hotel room revenue, in different cities are different. Our goal is to be compared with competitors in the local arrangement of the first two. According to STR Global's statistics, Asia-Pacific annual hotel occupancy rate rose by 6 percentage points, the average occupancy rate of the New World Hotel is a double-digit increases. Hotel re-positioning, our strategy is to continuously improve the occupancy rate. That high average room occupancy rate of 14 percent revenue growth, which, given the relationship between the World Expo, Shanghai's business particularly well. 】 【Sohu focus network: With the expansion of the Group, New World Hotel has recently been repositioned, thus highlighting the "Oriental hospitality" concept, is this what is out of consideration? 【Zheng Zhiwen】: First of all we have to understand the needs of a new generation of travelers, they experience a wide diversity requirements, are thinking about breaking tradition. Today, the hotel has been continuously moving towards commercialization, and product development times, and the "people-oriented" hospitality meant the opposite. However, we believe that the relationship between the hotel and guests to establish is the most important and attract them to stay once again the main reason, we propose a "people first" philosophy, focusing on human culture, re-interpreting the true meaning of hospitality. In short, the "Heart" is the central idea of the guests and the community to establish long-term and stable relationship, this relationship than any outstanding innovative product design or marketing activities more effective. This is the backbone of our corporate culture is the core value of the Group.
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