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Surge in Chinese tourists to Japan to promote the hotel reservation to double t
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Because of the recent Chinese tourists to Japan increased sharply, JTB Group hotel reservations site "JAPANiCAN.com" the Chinese version of the booking rate also increased, is expected to be 7 to 8 in 2010 ushered in during the month of arrival, the high Peak, booking rate is expected to double growth. Japanese tourism giant JTB Group recently released statistics show that in April 2010 to 6 month period, Japan Travel Hotel Booking Site "JAPANiCAN.com" Chinese version of the page hotel reservations sales compared with last year Than the increase of 450%. "JAPANiCAN.com" website is JTB Global Marketing & Travel (JTB Global Marketing and Tourism) to the foreign company to provide online booking hotels, group travel site. June to , The Chinese version of the page hotel reservations sales still continued to rise, between July to August there have been booking sales increased dramatically. In addition, the project also changed an appointment. 2009 crossing, single utilization rate was 27% and double utilization rate of 51%, but only in April 2010 to June period to be extended to double utilization rate of 73% share, and has from the business Services gradually change to individual tourism tendencies. The location of the hotel reservation is gradually changing from city to city hotels and resorts hotel spa hotel. JTB Group, launched in March 2010 in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and other "golden tourist line" advanced booking hotel hotel special projects, including foreign tourists for "Kansai region, particularly in planning," the room reservation Maximum discount of 68%. Expected to Kyoto, Osaka and other areas in July to August the hotel reservation rate will increase 245%.
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