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Hainan hotel prices out of the Spring Festival in 2011 the New Deal: towards a
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The afternoon of December 8, Hainan Provincial Tourism Year 2011 organized by the Association travel agency in Hainan Sanya hotels offer Coordination held in the province of hotels and travel agents to offer on issues such as the Spring Festival hotel coordination and communication, we believe that 2011 should be a rational treatment Chinese New Year Golden Week hotel rates. To further regulate the province during the Spring Festival tourism market, travel agencies at the meeting on behalf of Association and Hotel Association, said the bad faith of the companies being reported, the association will be the first time to investigate and collect evidence that can be verified on a regular basis internal briefing. The meeting stressed that the hotel where the star is not linked to contract with travel agencies, the ban and then a few stars like standard promotional language, travel agencies in the promotion can only tell the guests when the hotel is a few stars to build. For some enterprises China announced a six-star, seven-star hotel phenomenon, participants believe that, given the current state has not yet introduced the relevant standards and policies, travel agencies and hotels shall be no introduction of foreign propaganda to mislead consumers. Travel agents that the current confusion in Hainan when the hotel prices there, holiday guests from different institutions often do not get the same price, this confusion is difficult for holiday guests satisfied and turn around, expect to find a suitable price programs and pricing models operation. Joint consultation by the delegates to determine the domestic market in 2011 the province's hotels offer a half months to be issued before the Spring Festival, can not wait for each other can lead to delays in the introduction of the hotel prices, thus affecting the normal travel information and receive visitors. The Ritz-Carlton hotel sales director believes that the hotel need to evaluate the brand value to set their own prices according to market demand to pricing. But he made clear that the current pricing is relatively high star hotel is still very norms. The participants said that only travel agents and hotel industry insight to join hands to create a truly honest regulate the tourism market.
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