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The first super-star hotel opened next year in Hexi
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1 year ago Jianye Wanda Plaza opened, just one year, the square of the flow of people to break the 20 million people, more than 19 million turnover, which allows no commercial embarrassment west to reverse. This reporter learned that the introduction of next year Wanda Plaza, Nanjing is also the first super-star hotel opened in the west. According to reports, one year of running a collection of Jianye Wanda Plaza department stores, supermarkets, commercial walking street, fitness, dining, theater and other commercial activities as a whole, meet the shopping, leisure, entertainment and communication needs of the four. Wanda Plaza Jianye has become the current residents as well as Nanjing Hexi a good place for shopping, the square of the average daily traffic over 60,000 people, average daily traffic volume 3 thousand vehicles, not only brings together nearly 80 million popular west, and the city and have radiation surrounding cities. In addition to the diversification of commercial activities, Jianye, Nanjing Wanda Plaza, also hit the longest record of indoor pedestrian street, with a total length of more than 1350 meters, the whole street was U-shaped design. It is understood that within the next year, Nanjing, the first super star Hilton hotel in Wanda Plaza grand opening. Then Wanda on 1.2 million square meters of Jianye City complex will be fully completed.
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