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Waterside banquet of waterside of water of Yang Jiang head
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“ dare laugh at yellow mew not the husband, 100 plain gather together Liang Shan berth. ” watersides in relief building is in those days Song Jiang mentions the place that turns over a poem. It depends on river companion water, tourists can be when have dinner, admire at the same time waterside Yang Jiang's night scene, at the same time bowls of big chunk having alcoholic drink eats the meat, experience in those days Liang Shanying's male lofty sentiments ……
★ the first dish - plum Da Yisheng thunder, ★ of 3 bright rice crust the 2nd dish - alone spark drives presence greatly, duck of the five flavors

★ the 3rd dish - make river state, ★ of good good meat the 4th dish - do not have hill of appearance horizontal upper beam, snail of land for growing field crops

★ the 5th dish - in billow white make suggestions, ★ of head of the white fish that irrigate hero the 6th dish - east slope flesh

★ the 7th dish - hillock of yellow mud of Guan Sheng big fight, ★ of egg of stone fish evaporate the 8th dish - green Hu San of one a unit of length's woman, qing Dynasty fries dry beans

★ the 9th dish - vegetable garden Zhang Qing, oil drenchs Chinese cabbage ★ the 10th dish - favor tiger changes door front courtyard, young soya bean fries a turnip to work

Dish of ★ eleventh path - ★ of   of   of   of soup of wax gourd chop watersides flat bread of in relief building - fierce big Lang Xianyi

Note: 30 yuan / person, contain basic wine water, every 10 people one desk, malcontent 10 people collect fees by 10 people.

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