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Pheasant of fierce of boiled in clear soup
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Come from: Sweep past?
Producing area: Chinese Jiangxi is new beyond.

The history: Fierce pheasant, chicken of renown black bone, it is Jiangxi famous special local product. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " carry: Chicken of “ black bone, bone of black of wool of the person that have chicken of bone of white hair black, class person, the person that have black of all of flesh and blood, black of fleshy bones of the dead person; But the tongue that watch chicken is black person, criterion black of fleshy bone all, be used as medicine more fine. ” advocate treat filling empty fatigue to win weak. As it is said, official of clear acting Jiangxi besmears Wen Xuan enters capital, often take fierce pheasant pay intribute, after the emperor samples, also admire substantially, be labelled when Qianlong emperor ” of “ tribute chicken. Also got on Panama international exposition 1915 reputably. Nowadays, remain countrywide name chicken, pheasant of fierce of boiled in clear soup also is one of countrywide name dish.

Characteristic: Use force pheasant is stewed make and become. Clear taste of the soup that become dish is little, chicken is crisp sodden tasty, have more powerful nourishing effect. Craft: fierce pheasant butcher, treat clean, sliver of the back of the human body, into boiling water boiler summary scald is taken out, eliminate blood foam, abluent. Put chicken arenaceous bowl inside, on abdominal face, add wine of ginger, carry on, refined salt, clear water, after burning boil with conflagration, turn to be stewed with small fire to chicken crisp sodden, Shang Nong is become namely.

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