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Article hill tenderloin is fourth
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Come from: Sweep past?
According to legend, this dish is the earliest be the Wen Tianxiang of prime minister of the Southern Song Dynasty that has research to cook element contrive. He likes edible tender pork, when city of another name for Jiangxi Province allows to tell seat of government, oneself prepare food made “ fry one dish of ” of tenderloin diced meat. Successors are souvenir him, take the ” of date “ Wen Shan that uses him to call this dish fourth ” of tenderloin of “ article hill. The edge is passed up to now.

Characteristic: Flesh of the tenderloin that use a pig and chili slip to fry and be become. Tape of Bai Zhong of the colour and lustre that become dish is red, the flesh is qualitative tender and bright is slippery, taste is little and sweet hot. Craft: Take flesh of the tenderloin that use a pig, abluent, cut diced meat, add egg white, refined salt, starch to blend size, go to chili seed, cut as same as diced meat man. Fry boiler to burn heat, below lardy, diced meat slippery oil is taken out below, drop strikes oil, oily a few of the dip inside boiler, next chili fourth stir-fry before stewing are fried, next green paragraph, add wine, diced meat, Xian Shang to burn boil, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch, drench on ripe oil is become namely.

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