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Xiaoqiao stews white duck
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Come from: Sweep past?
Xiaoqiao stews white duck, as it is said, only then at period of the Three Kingdoms. Zhou Yu leads Wu Dou superintend and director east army mulberry of be stationed bavin, its wife small Qiao Ceng uses aweto, Ze Lan, stew with white duck make nourishing cooked food, offer week gem edible. Call ” of duck of “ bavin mulberry at that time. Say Xiaoqiao stews white duck again later, make the traditional name food of 9 rivers.

Characteristic: Stew with white duck and aweto make and become. The Shang Zhinong that become dish is mellow, the flesh is qualitative crisp sodden, sweet and fertilizer is bright, be full of nutrition. Craft: white duck butcher, treat clean, take out into scald of syncopation of boiling water boiler, eliminate blood foam, put made of baked clay earthen bowl or inside arenaceous boiler, add wine of knot of abluent aweto and Ze Lan, Jiang Kuai, green, carry on, clear water, after burning boil, turn to be stewed with small fire, to duck flesh crisp sodden, shang Zhinong alcohol is become namely

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