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Dish of Wu source tradition - powdery evaporate dish
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Powdery evaporate dish is Wu source be in characteristic. Not only the climate and other natural phenomena of a season when year old wants meal of evaporate dish evaporate to display elders, birthday birthday absurd also want Jing Zuxian of meal of evaporate dish evaporate, decease kisses on even evaporate meal hold a memorial ceremony for is displayed, the fete that joins red white happy event is little also not evaporate dish this is delicate, at ordinary times common occurrence dish is more.
Dish of evaporate of meal of loving Yu Zheng comes from Wu source person farmhouse, advantage is a province when bavin, province, province grain uses food of evaporate of meal an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise, dish still can bilge below meal an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise, meal one evaporate is ripe, below meal an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise bilge dish, the meal on meal an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise, dish 3 appearance all is ripe, can become already dish of go with rice, but allay one's hunger. The raw ingredient of evaporate dish former juice of farmhouse,
It is to should use steam of meal an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise, the meal is next above evaporate dish, meal sweet ooze arrives in evaporate dish;
2 it is dish in besides general condiment, put even right amount salty lardy with chamfer of wine of polished glutinous rice.
Going up in cook book this at 2 o'clock is done not have, the reason evaporate food taste in the Ge in cafeteria, guesthouse has a place not pure.
Fan Zheng's dish garden of all meat or fish are vegetable, game hill precious, delicacy is tasted dry article can use unripe rice flour blend almost put in the evaporate on the meal and feed. Have lettuce of three-colored amaranth of Chinese cabbage of foot of pig of flesh of fish of evaporate chicken, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate normally potherb of taro of aubergine of horn of beans of coal of pumpkin, section, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, still can Chinese chestnut, taro, turnip, winter bamboo shoots, dry brake waits with the flesh kind mix evaporate, call ” of “ evaporate chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen.

The making method of powdery evaporate flesh introduces below:

5 flowers pork cuts agglomerate account, foam of oil of sauce, chili, white sugar, cooking wine, green, Jiang Mei, gourmet powder is put inside buy earthen bowl, mix divide evenly bloats be soiled 40 minutes, touch again roll unripe ground rice, ordinal place a bowl inside, on basket use conflagration steam two hours. Grail is buckled instead when feeding inside, pink of burnt any of several hot spice plants, chopped green onion is scattered on. Raw ingredient of this dish former juice, do not have distinguishing feature, can try.

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