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Timbal wraps a circle
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Come from: Shun?
It is person of timbal the Hakkas' peculiar food, also be the cate of entertainment honoured guest. Practice and dumpling are similar, but stuffing heart is very exquisite, reach all sorts of dressing composition by delicate lean lean, winter bamboo shoots, Xianggu mushroom, chicken, lotus seed. Cortical be by taro child flay is added powdery mix mixes yam to set sth afoot and be become. Bao Yuan's appearance is OK follow one's inclinations, circle, hemicycle, triangle reachs all sorts of animal form. After evaporate of classics flourishing fire is ripe, xianxiang is fertilizer of pleasant of goluptious, sweet taste, soft and do not stick, glittering and translucent Song Ren, make the person is fed and do not forget, the aftertaste is boundless. ” of timbal “ Bao Yuan is a triangle more, accumulate contain is worn the Hakkas is patriotic the good convention that loves the home. Triangular triangle represents root of person of timbal the Hakkas to fasten Central Plains in Central Plains, affection respectively; Come from another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province; Northwest of take root another name for Jiangxi Province, affection fastens northwest of another name for Jiangxi Province 3 kinds of implied meaning.

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