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The appropriate that ooze has Hunan dish local color spring cate
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(One) traditional banquet banquet

  of camphor medicinal food 10 thousand carry 3 yellow chicken

Ooze of banquet of appropriate spring banquet has Hunan dish local color, have appropriate spring at 3 o'clock feast of water feast, great free time, tall hoof spends feast on, install feast ” of “ Zhu Gong high, camphor surrounds dish banquet and bowl banquet, the banquet of Chinese ink sea of abundant city and water banquet, act according to new 4 bowls 4 dishes of banquet, the “ of appropriate abundant 8 bowls at 2 o'clock ” , “ banquet of 5 wine ” , the animal sacrifice banquet of timbal and banquet of 10 bowls of 8 dish, ” of banquet of 3 celestial being and “ walk along the 10 thousand “ that carry 4 bowls banquet ” .

(2) characteristic name dish

Yuan Zhou double bake, unripe fry hemp hot young chicken, flexibly winter bamboo shoots; Abundant city San child the flesh, powdery evaporate flesh, Hua Chuan, sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch burns soft-shelled turtle; Camphor deepfry bean curd; Gao An burns fish of deepfry of evaporate of fleshy thong, flooey; Gao Tihua, beef fries ground rice on; Jingan and dish; Beans of pink of appropriate abundant potato is round; Oil of 10 thousand Zai Sanxian, upper part of a leg of pork, eight treasures coils etc.

Bacterium of wild hill of   of   of dried slices of tender bamboo shoots

(3) gust is fastfood

Yuan city candy cling to, fry plunge into cover of pink, bag; Camphor monkey includes group of face, rice; Install pink of decoct, parched rice high; Go up chili of high in syrup; Give candy of new ground rice, rice; Pacify installs canopy canopy bean jelly; Timbal bag is round, dry child, Ruo child rice fruit; Fruit of rice of the correct Ji of abundant city, candy; Appropriate abundant a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top.

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