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Source food culture is overall introduce
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Adopy of Wu source food the tradition of badge dish, with powdery evaporate, steam and paper dish to be bright characteristic, main name dish has: Neck of red snapper of powdery evaporate flesh, burnt bean curd, steamed pouch, sweet-and-sour goose, still have Pure Brightness in addition? , gas cake, polished glutinous rice child the characteristic such as cake is fastfood, can make you one full the luck to eat sth delicious.
Special clew:

The thing has in Wu source very convenient, if live in local home, increase 10 yuan of fund more everyday each, can let host get or supply meals at a fixed rate. Must sample in Wu source pouch red carp, steam commonly, also but braise in soy sauce, 10 yuan a jin. Burnt bean curd and powdery evaporate flesh also have distinguishing feature very much. The game such as hare, muntjac, partridge, boar cannot be not tasted. Local happy event is hot. Can eat farmhouse dish to also be have gourmet's luck. Wu source not * sea, without choice seafood, but Wu source has a plenty of Shan Zhen. And so on of Xianggu mushroom, agaric, bamboo shoot, of course is ordinary; Snake, ? Child, grouse, boar, bird and so on, see not hard also. The commonnest, the most substantial still is fresh water fish, because Wu source hill is tall, shui Ling, water quality is good, free from contamination, piscine flavour is particularly so delicious, red carp of soft-shelled turtle, pouch, grass carp, yellow girl, Wu Li cannot be missed.

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